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ENT DISEASES IN CHILDREN (PAEDIATRIC) SYMPTOMS: 1. Allergic nose symptoms (Runny nose, sneezing, itchiness, blocked nose) 2. Sinusitis (sinus infections) - acute and chronic 3. Nasal blockage (nasal polyps, allergy) 4. Nose bleeds 5. Throat irritation, sore throat 6. Tonsils and/or adenoids infection 7. Glue ear (fluid in the middle ear eg.following upper respiratory tract infection), ear discharge, infection 8. Suspected congenital hearing loss, delayed speech SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Treatment depends very much on the causative problem. Examples of available treatment: Endoscopic Adenoidectomy Tonsillectomy o Cold steel o Radiofrequency ablation o Monopolar and bipolar diathermy o Harmonic scalpel o CO2 Laser Nasal video examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) Nasal suction and washouts Cautery for nose bleeds Diagnosis and interpretation of allergy  tests (skin prick test, specific IgE) Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergies Reduction of nasal bone fracture Tympanometry Hearing aid prescription Myringotomy (to make a tiny incision over the eardrum eg. to drain middle ear fluid) and/or, Ventilation tube (grommet, T-tubes) insertion under under Local Anaesthesia (LA)/General Anaesthesia (GA)
A child with swelling of the floor of mouth (ranula)
Enlarged tonsils
Cystic swelling of the neck (lymphangioma)
Endoscopic view of the nasopharynx (back portion of the nose): Compare the normal on the left and large adenoids on the right. The right nasal cavity has very narrowed airway,contributing to snoring, nasal blockage
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A grommet in the eardrum for otitis media with effusion
next next previous previous An endoscopic view of the ear - (A) ear wax (yellow arrow) filling the whole ear canal, (B) showing a hole (blue arrow) on the eardrum, and (C) the bubbles (red arrows) behind the ear drum in otitis media with effusion (OME).  © Vincent Tan ENT A B C
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