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Please understand that while we really appreciate and value your phone enquiries or on-line consultation on your medical conditions, we will still encourage a face-to-face consultation in order to guarantee an accurate diagnosis and treatment. While all on-line (all forms of teleconversation and electronic media) brief consultation is provided in good faith based on general scenarios to potential patients and their families, the doctor cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies as NOTHING replaces a proper face-to-face individualised consultation with complete physical examination and relevant investigations.
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Vincent ENT Clinic
D R. V INCENT T AN Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, MD (UKM), MS ORL-HNS (UKM), DOHNS RCS Edinburgh (UK), MRCS Edinburgh (UK), Postgrad. Allergy (UK), A.M. (Mal), Fellowship in Rhinology (Singapore) Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology & Surgery (Amsterdam)
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