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WE OFFER: Full clinical examination and screening including rigid and flexible endoscopy of the upper aerodigestive tract (ear, nose, throat) for ADULTS and CHILDREN Audiometric test Hearing aid prescription Fine needle aspiration cytology and tissue biopsy Laboratory and radiological investigations Day-surgery and inpatient surgery
ALLERGY IN ENT SINUS AND NOSE DISEASES SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Nasal video examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) for adults and children Screening and biopsy for nasal cavity cancer (nasal, sinus, nasopharyngeal/NPC) Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) endoscopy Nasal suction and washouts Cautery for nose bleeds Radiofrequency for blocked nose / turbinate hypertrophy /other turbinate conditions Laser surgeries Septoplasty/submucous resection -Correction of deviated nasal septum Reduction of nasal bone fracture Functional rhinoplasty 3D Image-guided Surgery (IGS) Endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) or Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) for chronic sinus infections (chronic rhinosinusitis), nasal polyps, Revision nasal surgeries Balloon sinuplasty Diagnosis and interpretation of allergy  tests (skin prick test, specific IgE) Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergies TEARING, BLOCKED TEAR DUCT (NASOLACRIMAL DUCT) -done in collaboration with an ophthalmologist/eye specialist SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE: 1. Endoscopic Dacrorhinocystotomy (DCR) -to create a new passage for the tears into the nose using nasal endoscopic technique PITUITARY SURGERY -done in collaboration with a neurosurgeon and physician/endocrinologist SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE: 1. Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery (i.e accessing the pituitary fossa in the centre of the brain through the nose)
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SNORING AND OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA (OSA) SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Full Video endoscopic assessment of the airway Interpretation of Sleep Study/Polysomnography PSG (arrangement can be made to have sleep study done at home)  Medical Treatments :   1. Weight management 2. Prescription of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure CPAP (an automatic programmable air pump device to keep the blocked airway open while sleeping) 3. Dental devices  (to pull tongue or jaw forward) 4. Weight management    Surgical Treatments 1. Radiofrequency volume reduction of the tongue base, soft palate, nasal turbinates 2. Surgeries to relieve nasal obstruction 3. Adenoidectomy 4. Tonsillectomy 5. Palate surgery (eg. Uvulopharyngoplasty, modified CAPSO, Expansion sphincter pharyngoplasty)  
THROAT AND VOICE DISORDERS SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Video endoscopic examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) Tonsillectomy o Cold steel o Radiofrequency ablation o Monopolar and bipolar diathermy o Harmonic scalpel o CO2 Laser Screening and biopsy for throat/voice box cancer Correction of vocal cord paralysis and medialisation (Type I Thyroplasty) Injection Laryngoplasty Vocal cord lesions including nodules, cyst and polyps Laser Endoscopic Laryngeal Microsurgery (ELMS) -voice box surgery Speech therapy referral Antireflux therapy    
THYROID DISEASES SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Preoperative video endoscopic examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) In-clinic Ultrasound-guided Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC ) Surgery for removal of thyroid lump/mass - hemithyroidectomy, total thyroidectomy  Neck lymphatic clearance (neck dissection) in thyroid cancer cases Correction of vocal cord paralysis and medialisation (Type I Thyroplasty, Laryngoplasty) Thyroglossal duct cyst excision
HEAD AND NECK DISEASES: SALIVARY GLAND DISEASES (PAROTID, SUBMANDIBULAR GLAND) NECK LYMPH NODES SWELLING (CERVICAL LYMPHADENOPATHY) SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Video examination of the upper aerodigestive tract (rigid and/or flexible nasoendoscopy)  -ear, nose, sinus, throat, bronchus, esophagus  Screening and biopsy for cancer  (sinus, tongue, tonsils and voice box) Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) endoscopy Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) or TruCut biopsy with or without Ultrasound guidance Removal (excision biopsy) of lymph nodes under Local Anaesthesia (LA)/General Anaesthesia (GA) Neck lymphatic clearance (neck dissection) in cancer cases Surgery for  removal of thyroid lump/mass  Surgery for  removal of parotid or submandibular gland lump/mass  (submandibulectomy, parotidectomy) Surgery for total removal of the voice box (total laryngectomy) Rehabilitation of voice post total laryngectomy -voice prosthesis Neck lymphatic chain resection (neck dissection) Plastic and reconstructive surgery following major head and neck resection
EAR, HEARING AND BALANCE DISORDERS FACIAL NERVE DISORDER SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Hearing loss (conductive and sensorineural) assessment o pure tone audiometry o play audiometry (by appointment) o brain stem evoked response (by appointment) Video examination Screening and biopsy for relevant cancer (nasal, sinus, nasopharyngeal/NPC) Ear suction and examination under microscopy Ear wax removal Vertigo management Audiometric test (pure tone audiogram) Tympanometry Transtympanic injection Hearing aid prescription Myringotomy (to make a tiny incision over the eardrum eg. to drain middle ear fluid) and/or, Ventilation tube (grommet, T-tubes) insertion under Local Anaesthesia (LA)/General Anaesthesia (GA) Myringoplasty (to patch the hole/perforation in the ear drum) Tympanomastoid Ossiculoplasty surgery EUSTACHIAN TUBE  DISORDERS SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Endoscopic tuboplasty Eustachian tube balloon dilatation EMERGENCIES
SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Video examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) Removal of  foreign body in the clinic or under general anaesthesia Drainage of the pus in the clinic under local anaesthesia or in the operating theatre under general anaesthesia (depending on the location and the pus and other factors) Intravenous antibiotics Supportive treatment
D R. V INCENT T AN Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, MD (UKM), MS ORL-HNS (UKM), DOHNS RCS Edinburgh (UK), MRCS Edinburgh (UK), Postgrad. Allergy (UK), A.M. (Mal), Fellowship in Rhinology (Singapore) Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology & Surgery (Amsterdam)
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