A clinical examination of the ear using an otoscope/auriscope
Examination under microscopy of the ear
A clinical examination of the balance organ system
An audiometry test in progress
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Ringing sound in the ear
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An endoscopic view of the ear - (A) ear wax (yellow arrow) filling the whole ear canal, (B) showing a hole (blue arrow) on the eardrum, and (C) the bubbles (red arrows) behind the ear drum in otitis media with effusion (OME).  © Vincent Tan ENT A B C next next previous previous
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EAR, HEARING AND BALANCE DISORDERS FACIAL NERVE DISORDER SYMPTOMS: 1. Ear pain 2. Ear discharge/infection 3. Glue ear (fluid in the middle ear eg.following upper respiratory tract infection) 4. Hearing loss, reduced sense of hearing 5. Ringings sound in the ear (tinnitus) 6. Ear blockage, impacted ear wax 7. Balance disorders -Imbalance, unsteadiness, vertigo, giddiness, dizziness 8. Ear injury (direct trauma, laceration, barotrauma, loud noise exposure, industrial injury) 9. Facial nerve palsy/paralysis SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Hearing loss (conductive and sensorineural) assessment o pure tone audiometry o play audiometry (by appointment) o brain stem evoked response (by appointment) Video examination Screening and biopsy for relevant cancer (nasal, sinus, nasopharyngeal/NPC) Ear suction and examination under microscopy Ear wax removal Audiometric test (pure tone audiogram) Tympanometry Hearing aid prescription Myringotomy (to make a tiny incision over the eardrum eg. to drain middle ear fluid) and/or, Ventilation tube (grommet, T-tubes) insertion under Local Anaesthesia (LA)/General Anaesthesia (GA) Myringoplasty (to patch the hole/perforation in the ear drum) Tympanomastoid surgery EUSTACHIAN TUBE  DISORDERS SYMPTOMS: 1. Ear blockage 2. Ear pressure symptom 3. Glue ear (fluid in the middle ear eg.following upper respiratory tract infection) 4. Hearing own voice SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Endoscopic tuboplasty Eustachian tube balloon dilatation
D R. V INCENT T AN Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, MD (UKM), MS ORL-HNS (UKM), DOHNS RCS Edinburgh (UK), MRCS Edinburgh (UK), Postgrad. Cert.in Allergy (UK), A.M. (Mal), Fellowship in Rhinology (Singapore) Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology & Surgery (Amsterdam)
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