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ENT, Head & Neck,  Obstructive Sleep Anea (OSA)  Screening Program
What is the purpose of this screening ? Prevention is better than cure - still a golden piece of advice. in   a   lot   of   cases,   early   stages   of   disease   especially   cancer,   does   not   cause   symptoms.   It   is   only   when the   disease   has   progressed   and   the   cancer   has   grown   to   a   significant   size   that   the   patient   starts   to develop symptoms - hence the reason for their visit to their doctors. However, unfortunately, some present late to their doctors, rendering treatment ineffective by then. As   it   stands   right   now,   head   and   neck   cancer   as   a   group   is   the   2nd   commonest   cancer   in   Malaysia (after   breast   cancer)   and   nasopharyngeal   cancer   (NPC)    ie.   cancer   in   the   back   portion   of   the   nose   is the commonest head and neck cancer (based on latest Malaysian Cancer Registry in 2006). Generally,   the   earlier   the   disease   like   cancer   is   discovered,   the   earlier   the   treatment   can   be   started, hence resulting in better cure rate or better outcome. Therefore,   a   more   proactive   approach   now   is   to   start   searching   i.e   SCREENING   before   the   disease   is too advanced to treat.  SImply put, A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH i s indeed reassuring and does wonders for the soul ! So who is this screening package recommended for ? It    is    generally    recommended    for    HEALTHY    individuals    (or    rather    individuals    who    think    they    are healthy)  : with known family history of head and neck cancer who has high-risk factors for cancer eg excessive smoking and drinking alcohol who are very concerned about their health or those who place top priority on their health status above 40 years old What tests are included? Basic tests include: screening for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) video   otoscopy   (examination   of   the   ear)      -   to   screen   for   common   ear   problems   eg.   infection   of   the   outer   ear,   middle   ear   effusion , hole/perforation in the eardrum, among others. video examination (white-light endoscopy) of the upper airway and throat from the nose to the voice box using the flexible ENT scope -more comfortable scope as compared to the conventional rigid endoscope for  examination -allows   exclusion   of   diagnosis   of   conditions   like   bent/deviated   nasal   septum    (the   middle   partition   of   the   nose),   polyps,   other growths/tumours   including   NPC ,   sinusitis,   enlarged   turbinates   and   laryngopharyngeal   reflux   (LPR)    disease,   among others.   Narrow   Band   Imaging   (NBI)   flexible   endoscopy   for   the   purpose   mentioned   above   is   also   available   for   better   sensitivity   of   cancer detection (slight additional charges apply) Neck   and   oral   cavity   examination   in   the   clinic   for   any   abnormal   swelling   eg.   suspicious   oral   ulcer   and   swellings,   neck   nodes enlargement ,   thyroid swelling , among others. After that, you will be counselled/advised on further diagnostic and treatment plans where appropriate. The   need   for   more   optional   additional   tests   would   depend   on   the   endoscopy   findings   and   clinical   examination.   These   tests   include   hearing loss   screening   and   biopsy   of   any   suspicious   growths,   if   present.   Radiological   imaging   eg   Ultrasound,   CT   scan,   MRI   scan,   or   referrals   to other medical disciplines are also available under the same roof for your convenience. This   ENT   Screening   Package   can   be   a   comprehensive   yet   quick   and   economical   stand-alone   package   at   an   attractive   price   of   RM280   or as   an   additional   tag-on   to   the   Executive   Screening   Packages   at   a   discounted   rate   of   RM260.   For   the   full   details   of   the   screening   packages, download the details below. How do I arrange for the test?
Flexible endoscopy of the upper airway. The black tube represent the scope (source of unlabelled diagram: Netter Atlas of Anatomy) NASAL CAVITY TONGUE POSTNASAL SPACE BRAIN SOFT  PALATE HARD  PALATE BASE OF TONGUE EPIGLOTTIS WINDPIPE/TRACHEA TONSIL CERVICAL SPINE VOCAL CORDS LOWER JAW/ MANDIBLE POSTERIOR PHARYNGEAL WALL © Vincent Tan ENT Flexible endoscopy of the upper airway in a real ENT clinic setting.
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PREVENTION is better than cure...
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