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Before your FIRST Visit...
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Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Head and Neck Surgery
Specialist Clinic
Please   bring   along   your   Malaysian   Identity   Card   MyKad   (if   adult)   or   MyKid   (if   children)   for   the   registration,   or   the   Passport   if you are a foreigner/visitor to this country. If   you   have   had   prior/recent   medical   consultation   prior   to   this   visit,   you   are   advised      to   bring   along   relevant   medical   reports of   any   blood   tests,   ultrasound/Xray/CT/MRI   scan   reports.   You   may   even   bring   along   your   medications   or   digital   photos   of them. Referal   letters   from   a   GP   (general   practitioner)/your   famliy   doctor   and/or   or   a   Guarantee   Letter   of   payment   may   be   needed for: corporate clients using company insurance some personal insurance coverage Copies of medical insurance cards (personal or corporate)  are needed in event a hospital admission is advised Please confirm with you insurance agent/HR (human resource) department with regards to these additional documents You   are   most   welcome   to   liaise   with   the   Clinic Assistants   in    KPJ   Klang   at   +603-3377   7864   to   deal   with   this   matter   to   ensure   a smooth and hassle-free registration.
DOCUMENTS to prepare and bring along:
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Thank you very much for your keen interest. We are based in : KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital, Bandar Baru Klang (by appointment or walk-in)
Please click to check on the available time and centre of your choice below: Latest schedule Detail directions to KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital You   are   most   encouraged   to   call   up   the   clinic   in   KPJ   Klang   at   +603-33777864   or   +6012-3760728   to   confirm   the   availability   or to book your appointments. Note: As   case   complexities,   consultation   duration   and   procedure   needs   differ   between   patients,   the   consultation   is   still   based on   first-come-first-served   basis .    You   are   however   stil   most   welcome   to   enquire   or   book   an   appointment.   By   leaving behind   your   contact   number,   we   will   be   able   to   contact   you   if   there   are   last   minute   changes.   (the   doctor   may   still   get   called away to attend to emergencies or delayed by surgery at the last minute  within the hospital premises). We will try our best to meet your needs.
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How ?
1. MyKad/MyKid/Passport 2. Guarantee Letters (GL) 3. Referral Letters from GP 4. Medical Insurance Cards 5. Previous Medical Reports 6. Current Medications
How to Book An Appointment ?
Very easy…many ways..any methods possible:
+603-3377 7864 +6012.3760.728 - Call/SMS/Whatsapp/Viber
(same as the right side bar site) Please kindly ignore the charges and time limit per consultation as displayed as the charges are compliant to the latest national Fee Schedule and there is no fixed time limit per consultation. Our clinic will call you back to confirm your appointment time and date.
Money matters…
The   specialist’s   fee   and   procedure   charges   are   governed   by   the   latest   13th   Fee   Schedule   2013   (a   government-regulated doctor’s fee schedule on proposed charges enforceable nationwide) Here, we understand the concerns of the increasing high cost of healthcare. In KPJ Klang, a minimum of additional 10% discount  is given on the doctor’s stipulated consultation and procedure fees For more details on charges……click here.. For payment, the hospital accepts cash, credit or debit card, or approved corporate Guarantee Letters.
Monday evening clinic available
KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital
D R. V INCENT T AN Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck Surgeon, MD (UKM), MS ORL-HNS (UKM), DOHNS RCS Edinburgh (UK), MRCS Edinburgh (UK), Postgrad. Allergy (UK), A.M. (Mal), Fellowship in Rhinology (Singapore) Fellowship in Head and Neck Oncology & Surgery (Amsterdam)
+603-3377 7864  +6012-3760 728