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ALLERGY IN ENT SINUS AND NOSE DISEASES SYMPTOMS: 1. Allergic nose symptoms (Runny nose, sneezing, itch, blocked nose) 2. Sinusitis (sinus infections) - acute and chronic 3. Nasal blockage (nasal polyps, nasal growth, nasal cancer, deviated nasal septum) 4. Nose bleeds -children and adults 5. Loss/reduced sense of smell 6. Facial pain and headache 7. Postnasal drip 8. Throat irritation, sore throat SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE:   Nasal video examination (rigid and flexible nasoendoscopy) for adults and children Screening and biopsy for nasal cavity cancer (nasal, sinus, nasopharyngeal/NPC) Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) endoscopy Nasal suction and washouts Cautery for nose bleeds Radiofrequency for blocked nose / turbinate hypertrophy /other turbinate conditions Laser surgeries Septoplasty/submucous resection -Correction of deviated nasal septum Reduction of nasal bone fracture Endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) or Functional Endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) for chronic sinus infections (chronic rhinosinusitis), nasal polyps, 3D Image-guided Surgery (IGS) Revision nasal surgeries Balloon sinuplasty Functional rhinoplasty Diagnosis and interpretation of allergy  tests (skin prick test, specific IgE) Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergies TEARING, BLOCKED TEAR DUCT (NASOLACRIMAL DUCT) -done in collaboration with an ophthalmologist/eye specialist SYMPTOMS: 1. Tearing problem 2. Infection around the corner of the eye near the bridge of nose (dacrocystitis) SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE: 1. Endoscopic Dacrorhinocystotomy (DCR) -to create a new passage for the tears into the nose using nasal endoscopic technique PITUITARY SURGERY -done in collaboration with a neurosurgeon and physician/endocrinologist SYMPTOMS: 1. Hormonal imbalance 2. Vision problems 3. Frequent/persistent headaches SERVICES/TREATMENT AVAILABLE: 1. Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery (i.e accessing the pituitary fossa in the centre of the brain through the nose)
Growth filling the right nasal cavity
Cellulitis around the left eye- complications of acute sinusitis in a young boy
CT scan showing right maxillary sinusitis
A nasal video endoscopic examination of the nose using a rigid endoscope
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NASOPHARYNGEAL CANCER  Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC) is a very common cancer in this region (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South China). It arises from the back (posterior) portion of the nose. Early detection is crucial in the successful treatment of this cancer...
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Acute sinusitis - Nasal endoscopy showing pus in the right maxillary sinus
Endoscopic view of nasal polyps
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Red arrow showing a pituitary gland tumour in the centre of the brain
Green arrow showing a how a pituitary gland tumour in the centre of the brain is removed through the nose
Graphic representation of balloon sinuplasty at work (image copyright of Acclarent)
Infection of the tear sac can cause scarring leading to tear drainage disorders (left picture) and a new surgical opening of the tear duct made in the nose via endoscopic DCR surgery (right picture)
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Microdebrider adenoids
Endoscopic view showing large adenoids encroaching into the nasal cavity (left picture) and its removal using microdebrider (right picture)
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(Click for for larger image...) Image Guided Surgery (IGS): Precisely localising the disease in question combining endoscopic and radiological imaging views
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